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Inter 900 - Picture 1
Inter 900 - Picture
Inter 900 - Picture

Inter 900
Un billard français aux normes pour la compétition

The competition-grade Carom billiard table par excellence.

Technically advanced : Frame color: grey. Cloth color (Simonis 300) of your choice: 9 colors. Available in : 280 (50 mm slate) and 310 (60 mm slate). 100% quality: Metallic frame, triangle-shaped metallic legs, postformed frame. Rubber cushions meet all competition standards. Iwan Simonis competition-quality cloth. Choosing a French billiards Toulet is above all choosing a billiard of quality. All billiards are guaranteed 100% made in France and are made in the most noble materials. Each billiard table that leaves the Toulet workshops is controlled by the world champion of billiards in person: Christophe Lambert. Everything is checked: aspect (respect of the order, finishes, colors …), technical aspect (materials, flatness …), compliance with standards (tapes, cloth …)

Available options

  • Modes of play
  • Dimensions
  • Transformable into a table
  • With coin mechanism
  • Additional options